What is rebound exercise?

Why choose rebounding as an exercise?

Why is rebounding the best exercise according to NASA & Albert Einstein?

NASA states that "rebounding is the best exercise ever devised by man", not to be confused with a mini trampoline.

Just 10 minutes a day for a whole body cellular health and fitness program and only 2 minutes a day to give your immune system a boost.

What is rebounding? Rebounding is a unique form of exercise, for all types of people; any age, size or shape including pregnant women, paraplegics, and senior citizens.  Just 10 minutes of rebounding on a quality rebounder is equal to 30 minutes of jogging.

Rebounding is a therapeutic exercise and is one of the most effective ways to stimulate and detoxify your lymphatic system, boost your immune system while keeping you and your body healthy and in harmony. Your body can be compared to an intricate plumbing system.   Fluids need to continuously flow. Rebounding ensures that the toxins in your body are eliminated while bringing critical nutrients to your entire body.  It is proven to miraculously rejuvenate your body, giving you more energy and looking younger.

It strengthens every bone, organ, vein, capillary, joint, tissue and skin. It reduces body fat.

According to Dr Paul E. Devore, from the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (doctors dealing with weight loss), rebounding on a quality rebounder burns 11 times more calories than walking, 5 times more than swimming and 3 times more than jogging or aerobics.

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A very important aspect is that it returns trapped blood proteins. Rebounding is a whole cellular exercise, because it works all 100 trillion cells in your body.

In 1911, Albert Einstein stated that the cells of the body will adapt to gravity, acceleration and deceleration, but can not tell the difference between these natural forces.  Our physiologists have not yet developped exercise systems using these natural forces. To use these three forces in the most effective way, we need only to line them up vertically on the same plane. No exercises fitted in this definition until rebound exercise making it the best exercise on the planet.



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