"My name is Isabella, I am 31 years old and the mother of 3 children. I used to work out 4 to 5 days a week for 4 years. I used to do aerobic and step aerobic classes for 1 hour each time. Since November 2007, I only do 20 minutes of rebounding each time and I have never been as firm and my cardio is just as good. I kept my flexibility without stretching. Rebounding allows me to do my workout at home in 20 minutes with no need to hire a babysitter for my kids. It's like working out 1 hour in the gym. It allows me to keep in shape but also it brings me lot of advantages for my health. I have more energy and I am rarely sick. 

I have no more pain in my joints because with the rebounder there is no impact on the joints. I regained my 20 year old body even with three pregnancies. My kids have a blast rebounding, even the baby and its good for them. Thank you Sharron for this wonderful discovery."

Isabella Zizzi Repentigny,Qc.

"I have been rebounding for 5 months, 5-6 times a week for 10 minutes. It helped my sleep pattern and gives me more energy .I'm more in shape. I never liked to workout. I even registered for aquaform swimming classes for 1 year. I only did it for 3 weeks. I lost 10 pounds since I've been rebounding without changing my eating pattern. So rebounding for me is not a workout or exercising, it's like a game. I love it and it's fun."
Martine Henry Pitre Montréal, Qc

"I have arthritis. I had problems moving. Now I have no symptoms. I was taking medications for high blood pressure. I don't need it anymore because my blood pressure went back to normal. I don't have balance and coordination, I used to fall several times, now I don't fall anymore."
Jeannine St-Pierre Anjou, Qc
"My name is Louise, I am a senior citizen. I have been rebounding for a few weeks. I started to rebound because I had health issues. Since I have been rebounding I feel energetic, I have less problems with my knees and joints, I feel great. Thank you Exercell !"
Louise Ribeiro Toronto, Ontario

"My name is Celine, I am 50 years old. I am obese and I have been using the Rebounder for nearly 4 months. For a long time, I was looking for an appropriate exercise for me. When I saw a personal trainer they told me I would have to work out between 1h & 2h of exercises every day. For someone who does not move the change is too drastic. That is why the majority of people do not keep up.
When Sharron spoke to me about the rebounder, it poked my curiosity. I could do it from home, no embarrassment, no equipment or special clothing, no schedule. She advised me to start with 2 minutes per day and slowly increase. I said to myself  "To nice to be true but I have nothing to lose, in the worst case that will make me move a little and that won't hurt."

As of the first week I saw changes. I breathed better. It was odd, it was as if the air was being filtered. Then I remembered that Sharron had said If you hurt somewhere, put your hands on that place while you jump. I had pain at the bottom of my ribs which neither of the two natural health specialists I regularly see were not able to cure.

I put my hand on my rib while I jumped. Two days later it had left never to return. My knees don’t weaken any more when I go down the stairs. My massage therapist can't get over all the changes that happened so quickly, my skin thickened, my cellulite decreased, my muscles toned and my shape changed. My arm doesn’t shake any more when I carry a glass. I have more energy and I move faster.
Céline Picotte Laval,Qc




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