Exercell stands for exer for the word exercise and cell stands for the word cellular, meaning exercise on a cellular level.

Our goal: to promote natural health, by educating the public on the effects of rebounding.

Health is not only physical, but also mental and spiritual well-being.

This form of exercise empowers people of all ages, sizes and shapes.
It gives them the opportunity to learn the simplest, most effective method to regain and maintain natural health and fitness.
We teach health from the inside out. Rebounding allows you to achieve a higher level of health. When you feel good you look great and are ready to face the world.

Who am I?

In 1991, I was involved in a devastating car accident. My best friend (the driver of the vehicle that I was in) as well as the driver in the truck of the other vehicle were both killed on impact. I the lucky survivor, was fortunate enough to live but had some significant side effects that changed my life but also forced me to become the person I am today.

I was originally in a coma and diagnosed clinically dead. The accident disabled me both physically and mentally in many ways. I was originally bed ridden, then upgraded to a wheelchair and then finally I began to walk again. Some of my injuries consisted of internal damage, severe migraine, headaches, epilepsy and partial long term memory loss.

Unable to work and live my active life style and exercise, I naturally gained weight. The conventional treatment and medications helped the seizures however the side effects caused other health issues.

The doctors predicted that I would never fully recover from the side effects of the accident and that I would need to learn to adjust and adapt to my health restrictions and remain on medication for my pain. I refused to believe that there was no cures so I began to do my own research. I read many books on alternative medicine, attended many natural health and alternative seminars until I found what worked for me.

I believe that God works in mysterious ways and that there is a reason for everything. So in my time of desperation I turned to God. I did a lot of soul searching and took personal development classes with Dr John Demartini, D.C. ( from the Secret video) he taught me how to empower myself and take charge of my condition and life.

The healing process was a difficult and long journey, my determination and knowledge of alternative medicine helped me to rid myself of many of my ailments. Today, all that remains from the accident are the occasional headaches and seizures. My seizures can be controlled by providing additional oxygen to my brain which typically involves vigorous exercise or an intense workout. This coupled with a drug free lifestyle, chiropractic adjustments, all aid with maintaining my health.

A short time ago, I tore 80% of the ligaments in my ankle which prohibited me from working out and teaching aerobics. Fortunately, I discovered rebound exercise. At first, I was a bit reluctant that a 10 minute workout on a rebounder could replace my 1 ½ hour workouts. To my surprise, it worked. Since my discovery of the rebounder, I have been on a mission to learn everything I can about it and the health benefits of this wonderful tool. I have become a certified reboundologist. Ever since I began promoting ReboundAIRTM after testing various competitor’s products with a small group of friends.

It has only been 1 year for me on the ReboundAIRTM and I feel great. I have not had any seizures, my abdominal area is firmer, my menstrual cramps have diminished and my bladder problem has improved.

The benefits of rebounding never stop to amaze me. I have just one regret and that is, that I wish I had discovered ReboundAIRTM after my accident. I would have found the road to recovery a lot sooner.

I have read many testimonials and everything people have said and experienced on a rebounder. The benefits are phenomenal.
• This is a medical breakthrough
• The fountain of youth
• The perfect exercise for anyone at any age
• It is convenient
• It is economical
• It is safe
• It is fun

Everyone deserves to have one and everyone should have one.

Today, I see many people spiraling downwards due to health problems, weight issues, depression or a low self esteem. I wish I could do something to help, but wait ! I realize I can help them, with my life experiences and through the creation of ReboundAIRTM.

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