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How To Buy a Quality Rebounder

Safety: Make sure all parts are durable and strong enough to support your weight.

Stitching: ReboundAIRTM uses industrials strength. Same stitching used in aircrafts and performance cars. Our rebounders are sewn extra times for extra strength.

Mat: Make sure the mat is made from permatron: a special material that maintains it original shape yet is soft enough to get optimal results for your L.S. It is made from 100% polypropylene, made to resist weather conditions, sunlight and precipitation. Other mats are made from canvas or nylon which stretch, which can do more damage to the body than they do good.

Steel: The quality of steel is very important. Almost all other rebounders are made from 60 or 72 carbon steel. To make the springs, 60 steel stretches too much and 72 is too brittle. ReboundAIRTM springs are made of 80 carbon steel. More expensive but worth it in the long run.

Springs: Specially designed to stretch with the person's weight. The springs are not directly connected to the frame. When springs are connected into the frame, everytime you bounce the springs ware out in 36 places. ReboundAIRTM, connects the springs to the clevis pins, which fit trough the frame. Frame is built for a lifetime.

Warranty: Check for a long term warranty. ReboundAIRTM comes with a lifetime all comp warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

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